Meezing on Monday


Today I'd like to meeze about meezes.  Lots of my friends have asked what exactly is a meeze?  And what about a merf?  Well since it was such a meeze filled weekend (I never had a chance to be quiet it seemed) I figured I'd explain.

To meeze comes from the word Meezer which comes from Siamese.  Siamese have have a very distinctive and loud voice.  Us Oriental Shorthairs who are descended from Siamese have even louder and constant talking voices (at least my line of OSHs does).  I talk constantly!  From day break to sleepy time I'm either meezing or purring or meeze-purring.  The humans say its like having another person talking in the house all of the time.  I meeze when I want things, when I don't want things, and when I'm bored.  I meeze constantly!!

I merf when I'm quiet and sleepy.  Its when I go to meeze but its really soft so I kind of puff out one of my lips and this merf noise comes out.  The Tall Man loves it and thinks its especially adorable how my lip puffs with air and I say merf.  So that's my signature noise even though I have many.  I do not just have one meeze, I have like hundreds of different tones and voices for how I'm feeling.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh Kaze, what a wonderful photo of you! We laughed at your post and had to listen to your voice on the Voki again!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Wow - cool action shot!

The Meezers said...

great pikshur!

wow, you talk ALL the time? and here we thought Miles was a chatterbox.

Junior said...

Well, we love your meezes on the Voki...it would be graet to hear a merf!

You are quite an athlete...that is a great picture!

PB & J said...

We love your picture today - what do you say when you're playing?

Daisy said...

Thanks for explaining about the merf. I do not talk too much, myself.

I was just noticing you have very shapely legs!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Maybe we'll get to hear more of you meezing and merfing in the future :-)

I love that picture of you, Kaze, it's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Mom's always said Gandalf must be part Meezer, because he talks and talks and talks. He also has a soft under his breath sound... that must be a merf!

We hope someday we can hear you merf, Kaze. Maybe then we'll know if that's what Gandalf is doing.

The Furry Kids said...

Thank you for explaining the meeze/merf thing. We love hearing you on the voki - it makes our ears perk up. hee hee

Happy Monday!


Tybalt said...

Hi Kaze! I chirp and trill at my mommy constantly. We have entire conversations!

I wanted you to know that I was all snuggly the other night and demanded that my mommy hold me while we went to sleep, and I thought of you. Maybe you are on to something . . . lynx points are just thieves and snugglers!

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

I did not know what merf was before, thank you for explaining.

That is a great action photo of you!

Derby said...

Typical girl, talk, talk, talk.

Lux said...

What a great picture of you, Kaze!

I'm a very quiet fellow - I usually only talk (in my high-pitched voice) when I'm desperately hungry or want something.

Silky's another story, though ... :)

China Cat said...

I loved your picture and finding out more about meezing and merfing. I talk a lot too. I think that my most used voice sounds like "mrrrrraaaahhhh" - it's kind of chirpy. I do that when I'm happy. Your picture made me happy today!

Purrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

What a GREAT picture! The Big Thing hasnt got me like that case Im too fast.


The Fluffy Tribe said...

Merf, merf, merf, mumble, merf, yowl! ~Ko Ko of the Fluffy Tribe

I don't really meeze, as a Tonkenese but I do YOWL really loud when I want something and I do chirp like Latte and I merf when I talk. I merf and purr a lot. Mom likes my merfs. They sound just like Merf. And I huff. Yowl ~

Mao said...

Wow, yer tall. I bet yer taller than me. We're kinda like Jakkey O and Ari.