A song for my brudder!

Sugar Bear, Honey Meezer
You know that I love you
I can't help myself
I need to tackle you and no kitty else!

In and out the cat tent(in and out the tent)
You come and you go(you come and you go)
Leaving just your fur behind....(ooh)
And I've licked you a thousand times(ooh)

When you twitch your tail, or blink you eyes,
I come a-running at you
I'm tied to your blue eyes,
And there's nothing the Lap Lady can do.
I can't help myself,
No, I can't help myself,

'Cause, Sugar Bear Honey Meezer
I'm weaker than a kitten should be
I can't help myself
I'm a fool 'cause I'm a gremlin you see.

Wanna tell you I don't want to play,
Tell you that we're through snuggling
And I try....
But ev'ry time I see your little ears,
I get all frisky inside
When I call your name,
Latte, you start to romp
Tromping all over my body,
Chasing me throughout the house..
No matter how I try
Your playful nature I can't hide....

'Cause Sugar Bear Honey Meezer
You know that I'm waiting for you(ready to pounce on you)
I can't help myself
I need to leap and play with nobody else

Sugar Bear Honey Meezer
I'd do anything you meow at me to
I can't help myself
I want to play with you and no kitty else

Sugar Bear, Honey Meezer
You know that I love to play with you(I dooo)
I can't help myself...
No... I can't help myself


THE ZOO said...


Latte said...

Thanks Kaze! Meowmy always calls me her Sugar Bear and now you made a song about it.

We should sing our songs to meowmy when she gets home! Maybe she'll give us some turkey!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Very creative, Kaze!

Oh, and Latte...you should get turkey even if you don't sing. You deserve it just for being YOU!

Zeus said...

Very good song, Kaze! (However, I don't know how Latte stands being called "Sugar Bear" but who am I to judge?)

I just found your blog (if you can believe that) so I'll be sure to add it to my blogroll so I can keep up with you as well!

Kaze said...

Latte doesn't like to be called Sugar Bear but he always runs to the Lap Lady when she calls him. I keep telling him he should ignore her if he doesn't like it but he just likes when she talks to him. That poor kitten has a serious case of ADD.

The Meezers said...

wow, that is a great song too. we bet your meezer voice is beautiful when you sing it!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Kaze, I didn't realize yoo were such a talinted songriter! Yoo shood go on American Idol or sumthing. And yoo need to make a recording of it and put it on yer blog! Do yoo play gitar or peeano?

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Kaze, yoo are so talentid, yoo need to make a myoosik videeyo of this RITE AWAY! I can giv yoo sum tips! The song just keeps goint thru me hed... I can't git it owt!