I'm a star for the day!

The Lap Lady got an e-mail this morning (I don't know why she won't let me have my own Blackberry) from Catster. It said that my diary is a top pick for the day! I'm featured on the Catster Diary Page ! I started that diary before I started blogging so I only had a couple of entries. Lap Lady quickly took a few blog entries over there to freshen things up.

Last night I got under the covers with the Lap Lady and didn't purr for very long. Then I fell asleep right in her armpit. I like to have my face out of the covers so I can see where Latte is. He slept on top of me snuggled next to the Lap Lady. Sadly, I still had to leave when I wanted to purr really hard in Tall Man's ear. I wish he'd just give it up already, I'm a gremlin, I'm going to win!


George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Congrats Kaze! We have Catster pages, too, but no diaries. Mom says she doesn't have time to do that plus our blog. Oh well.

Tell your Mom if you don't like Lysine paste, she can get the pills at Walgreens. Then cut them in quarters and give you 1/4 pill twice a day. Pry your mouth open and pop in the piece. When you lick your nose, that means you've swallowed it. (It may take more than one try!)

Kaze said...

Thanks guys! I will tell my mom about that trick! The people in the white coats like to charge lots for my paste.