Fun weekend

So this weekend I found out the Lap Lady has other uses. If I bring a sparkle ball to her she will throw it for me. Then I can run and jump and kill it properly. When it is good and dead I bring it back so she can make it alive again. She's good at it. I know that if she's reading or watching the flashy screen that I can just jump up on her with the dead sparkle ball and she'll figure out she needs to pay attention to me. When I have a dead sparkle ball I really need to protect it from the other two kitties. I have to growl really loudly so they know its mine and won't come steal it. Here's me and the green sparkle ball.

There was a lot of nice sun this weekend and Latte & I played in it and when we were tired we gave each other baths and feel asleep. Sadly the Lap Lady and Tall Man don't want me to sleep with them all night because they say my purring (while adorable) is a bit abnoxious and keeps them awake. That and the walking across their faces. I don't get it but I just snuggle with Latte instead.

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The Meezers said...

Hi Kaze, we saw you at Skeezix's blog and wanted to say Hi to anofurr Meezer. Come see us!