I'm coughing and sneezing a bit

Just when I thought I was settled in and wouldn't have to leave, that lady came back and lured me into that box with the holes and the metal door. She was wiley, I went in there to investigate the towel and then she shut the door on me! I promptly started in on my list of complaints (they all sound the same but I figured I'd repeat them many times anyway). Then she put me in the big grey thing that moves and makes strange noises. Just when I thought we headed for home she took me into that vet's office. We sat there for a long time but I decided to be quite because there were obviously louder animals with worse issues. After waiting for an eternity she put me on a high table and opened up the door. I merrily came out and of course started to purrrrrrr. I use this trick when I want everyone to say "Aw, how cute! Why don't you take that little darling home and give her some chicken!!". It didn't seem to work. The flashing numbers said 6.2 which the woman was happy with since two weeks ago they said 5.6. I was a little happier this time and even let them violate me with that temperature taker thingy. I was NOT pleased but being the lady that I am, I just kept on purring and didn't flinch at all. Then the little woman with the white coat came in. She asked the lady lots of questions about me and my eating and pooing (which is normal thank you very much!) and my sneezes and coughs. Lately I'd been sounding like a sneezing/coughing machine and I have lots of eye gunkies. While I could generally purr right on through the coughing, the past day or two I would have little coughing fits. After they tried to listen to my heart and lungs (I kept on purring) the lady in the white coat proclaimed that I am generally in fabulous health. However, she said I have a URI which she said came from some virus. Whatever, I just wanted to go home and tell Latte about this crazy place! (Seems when I did tell him he just looked at me like I was lucky to have only been there twice.)After everyone said how pretty I was 20 more times the lady brought me back home. Thank goodness! But then she picked me up and put some banana flavored stuff in my mouth. She was really quick (she said she has lots of experience with the Clavamox stuff)so it wasn't that bad.But here's the bad part! She picked me up again and tried to put this molasses like substance in my mouth (she said it was l-lysine but I just think its completely vile). Being a wiley little frootbat I turned and was able to avoid much of it but it got on my gorgeous fur!! Luckily the lady felt really bad and gave me a nice wipe down with a damp paper towel. I was happy to let her do that because I didn't know how I was going to get myself clean. I'm taking a nap now, today was just too crazy! Seems I have to take this stuff for 10 days now....YUCK! But Latte doesn't seem to care, he says he had to take it for 2 months. Being a frootbat is hard work!!

Purrs, Kaze

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