Close call!

So last night the Lap Lady and Tall Man had a friend over for diner. They say they really like when he comes over because he brings food with him and just cooks at our house. I really like him because he brings MEAT. He made a steak last night and we got to taste it! Mmmmm! I wish we had meat more often.

While he was there Latte and I decided we had to show off our skills. I started off by showing him how I walk across the door frame. I'm very talented like that. Latte keeps trying to copy me but he's not as thin as I am.

After eating they were getting ready for the homemade cheesecake (see why they like this guy?) all of a sudden something strange happened. Suddenly I was falling through the air with only Latte to grasp at. Then I was lying on my side on the floor. Oooouuuuccchhh! I was NOT pleased and I was quite confused! I didn't think I could close my mouth and I wasn't sure if my lovely little legs were OK. The Lap Lady rushed over to me (past Latte who appeared to be quite normal- she thinks he's made of rubber) and picked me up and looked me all over. I didn't want to be touched but it felt good that she wanted to help me. After a few seconds I closed my mouth just fine. Then I went and sat on a step while they finished the cheesecake. The Lap Lady kept looking at me, I don't know why.

Five minutes later Latte and I were playing bite tag again. I wish I were made of rubber, he seems to bounce really well. The Lap Lady is trying to find a way to keep us from my favorite high spot. I blame Latte completely, he is too wide to fit in a gremlin only area.

I ended the evening by snuggling and giving HUGE purrs to the Lap Lady. She put me and Latte out when the Tall Man came to bed. I will admit that I purr really loudly and do like to walk on sleeping people. The Big Kitty (aka Chase) got to sleep on the bed but I guess that is because he doesn't bother them too much.


The Meezers said...

you need to tell the lap lady that as a Meezer, you naturally like to be "up". the more "up" the better and funner it is.

The Meezers said...

Oh, and we is furry glad you didn't getted hurted when you falled.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

What a great dangireus toy. Were going to ask our lady for a doorframe when she gets home.

Rascal said...

Hello Kaze. I found your blog from Skeezix and I found his blog from Bonnie and Victor. So I am finding lots of Cat blogs I haven't read before.

I am glad you are okay. You have a good human to worry about you and tend to you. You did right to purr loudly in her lap for her.

Kaze said...

Thanks everyone, you're so right about being "up". I haven't given up my quest, but the Lap Lady keeps telling me to "Git Down!!". I just ignore her and try to walk away.

I'm branching out and enjoying everyone's blogs! I'm glad to "meet" all of you!