I've found that if I Merrow really nice and loud then the Lap Lady remembers its time to give me my medicines. I don't really know what they are but they taste like wet food and thats great with me! Whenever Lap Lady goes anywhere with a sink (the bathroom too!) I run in there, get between her legs, look up at her with my pretty eyes and say MERRROW! I've got her trained pretty well and its only been a few days. I've found the sink is the key to where the medicines come from and the bowls she puts them in.

I've found a better way to play with the Lap Lady and the sparkle balls. Sometimes sparkle balls are wiley and they go under the bookcase to take a nap where I can't get them. This is when the Lap Lady needs to come over and fish them out. I try to help but only she has the extra long paw with an extention to be able to get them. When she wakes them up she usually finds a few of them together. Then the hunt is on! I kill one in my mouth really fast and then pounce on the other one. Of course, I growl a lot so everyone knows about my great hunting skills.

Last night as I was trying to update my blog I jumped on the tall man (he always has the laptop) and my claw got stuck under a key the :; key to be exact. Off it came flying to the floor. He was pretty annoyed but he got it back on. I made sure to keep jumping up near him so he knew it was my turn. I brought him sparkle balls to revive but he didn't want to play. Eventually I just purred on him and he gave up and pet me. Works every time.

I think I scared the lap lady in the middle of the night. I had decided to be stealthy kitten and I was snoozing on her chest. But I didn't do my usual purr to announce myself so she didn't know I was there. She woke up and looked me right in the face (I was 2" from her nose) and jumped a little. I've found her chest is warm just like her lap. But then I started to purr really loudly and I had to leave 'cause I keep them awake. Hey, I'm trying to be stealthy, I'm trying here!


The Meezers said...

sometimes you can nefurr please the beans. they want you on their laps, but don't want you to play wif their laptops. they want you to be quiet and lovey when they're sleeping, but when you purr to show them how happy they make you, they put you out. it's not fair.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Hi Kaze. Saw you over at Sammy & Miles page. Welcome to our cat blogging community. Stop by and visit us.

THE ZOO said...

hi kaze hows it going. nice to meet you

Derby said...

Hi Kaze, I have been seeing your comments around some of the kittie blogs. I like to have mum wake up with me staring her in the face too. But I don't give any warning. I softly jump on the bed and get up to her face. hehehe.