Frootbat Friday

After 535 posts this is myy final post on my own blog. Luckily I get to keep on with Frootbat Fridays at our new blog! I started Frootbat Fridays 2 years ago to show off my rather large (OK totally HUGE) ears when I first moved into my furever home. I may have grown slightly into my ears but they're still big!

For continued posts for me please visit me in my new home....The Cats P

Thirteen Things I'm going to miss about having my own blog

9. The concept of "sharing" just doesn't apply to me. I mean, if the LL calls any other cat I yell and come running because she's only allowed to talk to me.
10. I won't have to call my humans by different names will I? Chase had better not try to get me to use his names. The Tall Man is tall not Awesome. The Lap Lady has a nice lap and is not the Woman.
11. I was the first one who started blogging, why should I give up my blog? Its my space. It was MY idea.
12. Will my friends follow me? I'm super sensitive and worried that my friends won't follow me. I know my true friends will follow me and I've already received nice e-mails. Thanks for all of the encouragement!
13. Talking every day of the week! I have A LOT to say so how am I going to keep quiet?

See Chase and Latte for the start of our 13


Thieving- my way of life

"While the cat's away...." More aptly "When the cats are homegrown nipped out....the sisfur will steal." While Latte & Chase were busy enjoying their new snuggles from DKM (I already have my own of course and its even named after me and pink!) I took to the "packaging". DKM was so sweet to send me snuggles AND string. Its good to be a trash thief!!

Next week I'll be blogging at The Cats P for all future posts.

Jump and Shout

Kaze likes to jump for a good cause! Kimo and Sabi's contest!


Final Meezing on Monday

This will be my last week with solo posting. Next Monday we will all officially move over to our shared blog The Cats P. I'm really really sad to have to share after almost 2 years on our own but I guess things change. I've been guaranteed Frootbat Friday posts and Tuesday and Thursday are up for grabs. Most likely my grabs as I'm so good at stealing stuff!!

For my final Meezing on Monday I would like to meeze about friends. DKM is a really really really good friend to have. She sent Latte & Chase snuggles last week and I won squiggles for guessing a poem on her blog. The boys sunggles are SO beautiful and I've been snuggling in the a lot. But really....squiggles are the most perfect toy ever and now I don't think I'll run out for a long time. Know who your true friends are in life. I know mine are my blogging friends. Without you I might loose faith in stupid humans.


Frootbat Friday


Sorry about not posting earlier, blogger just wouldn't work for us. All night long it wouldn't load any blogs or even gmail. The Tall Man checked the "hops" ('cause he's weird like that) and said the Google servers were having a major routing issue around Washington, D.C. Well, excuse me, I needed access to my BLOG!!! So this morning all was up again, phew!

You're probably going to notice us posting less. We're "backing off" according to the Lap Lady. She's toying with ideas right now of maybe consolidating our blogs together or something like that. But for the time being, less posting. By the time the LL is done with work and riding Snap she gets home at 9:30pm. Then she has to eat and relax and sleep so that really only leaves us a little time to post and that's on a good day. I hope everyone understands, we fought this for 5 months and we just can't make it work. It makes me very sad and we're all really torn up about it.