First Five Days in my New Home

While I'm worrying myself silly over Mao being sick I decided to do this meme! Here I am snuggling on my half of the pink blanket that the Lap Lady sent to Skeezix.

This looked interesting and I've considered myself tagged!

Day 1: I was playing with my brother (Thing 1, my name was Thing 2) when all of a sudden these two strangers walked in. Thing 1 LOVED them and he was leaping and running all around to play with them. I on the other hand was more guarded. The woman picked me up and put me in her lap so I purred for a minute. Then I walked over to my breeder and snuggled with her. Suddenly Thing 1 wandered into this prison box (we had never seen one before). I followed him and a toy and then he was taken out and the door was shut with me inside! Thus began the HORRORS of the day. I screamed and screamed and bloodied my claws trying to get out of the prison box. I yelled the entire way from Washington D.C. to my new home right outside of Philadelphia. It was July 1st last year and there was lots of traffic. We arrived at my new "home" and I was put in my own private room which was fairly nice. I hiss and growled and made a fit when anyone tried to touch me. Luckily the food was good.

Day 2: When was I going home? This place was lonely and I just didn't like it at all. I still wanted nothing to do with the woman and detested her anywhere near my soft fur. I was left pretty much alone for the day but I did get to explore everything. Lets just say I had the woman shaking in fear that touching me might end her life. I was PISSED. I started with the squirts and poo was leaking from my behind all over the floor. The woman disliked having to search through the room to clean up my poo but I didn't care. Well, I did WREAK!!! So she had to buy a fan to get rid of the stench.

Day 3: The humans left for the day and went to "work". It was nice and quiet and I rested and explored some more. I found the scratching post very nice. Suddenly the woman came home and put me in the prison box again!! We went to the VET!! I was so scared I just purred and purred and purred so loud so that they hopefully wouldn't kill me. I got wormer and a physical and I met the new VET lady who was just starting that week. I had the sniffles and I was first diagnosed with feline herpes (which by the way isn't bothering me too much!!). Then I went home and the Tall Man got me to purr and sit in his lap. Then he moved me to the Lap Lady's lap and its been love ever since.

Day 4: Even more leaky poo and stinkier (if possible). Today I started to play with a furry toy the Lap Lady got me. I liked it a lot and I got to meet my first brother for a little bit. We were both pretty careful around each other but we couldn't resist playing together. We played in the hall way so I could retreat if I wanted to. (Yes that is poo on my ear)

Day 5: Diagnosis re: Stinky Poo. Giardia! Ick, huge nasty tasting pills were shoved down my throat. Luckily the loose poo did start to go away. I had been getting yogurt and pumpkin to try to solidify my poo which did help a bit but the medicine cured the yuckies. Still, I was not ready to leave my isolation room.


Riley & Tiki said...

Your furs are so different looking now. You've grown up to be a very pretty cat.

The Meezer Gang said...

Thanks for offering a listening ear! I am just so mad at all these people lately. Stella doesn't want to play and all Celeste wants to do is play. I'm very confused. Mom says that I will "get over it"...maybe in a squillion years!!!

Marilyn MonREOW said...

I enjoyed reading about your first five days, Kaze! And I'm so glad that you you got the stinky poo problem fixed *smile*.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Daisy said...

Look at the baby Kaze! You had an exciting first five days. For a while there you sounded like stinky Baby Mao when you were little. It is fun to hear about everycat's first few days. I am glad your poo problem got better.

Marie the Defender said...

Wow, being sick the first 5 days sure was no fun! My mommy feels super sorry for your mommy, I don't understand why, isn't that just what mommies do - clean up after you???

Anyways, I am glad you are all good now for the most part. I wish I was as sleek as you.


Junior said...

Wow!! Those first five days sound like they were quite difficult! I am glad that you did settle in nicely and love your home now!

Lux said...

Whoa, it sounds like you had quite a time your first five days!

Were those pretty pictures of you taken with your Lap Lady's new camera?