Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Places I like to sleep!

1. In the Millie Bed.
2. Under the covers on the left side of the Lap Lady, right by her face.
3. Under the covers at the Lap Lady's feet.
4. On top of the Lap Lady under the covers.
5. The cat tree that sits under the window in the cat/guest room.
6. Anywhere where Latte is sleeping.
7. On the Poang chair with the fleecy red pad.
8. In the cat gym (aka Boxed Spring) in the cat/guest room.
9. On the rectangle bed that sits on the wooden bench in the living room.
10. On top of my wand toy so no one can steal it.
11. In the HOT corner where the air blows right on you.
12. When its warm out, I like to nap on the enclosed front porch.
13. The cat stroller when it is INDOORS. Not Out of Doors.

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Dragonheart said...

Those sound like great places to sleep! I love sleeping under the covers too!

Daisy said...

That is a very good list, Kaze! I also do that thing where I lay on top of my toys so no one else (Pixie) can see them.

Morgen said...

Ha! Good list -- Jazper has recently found the "hot spot" near the heating vent, too!

jeterharris said...

i wuz jus menshunin dat i purrsonallee enjoy sleepin on da roof ... on a warm an sunnee day.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I LOVE sleeping on our POÄNG chair, too! I sleep on the fleecy blankit that Jeter Harris gave me -- it's not red, tho, it's PINK!

Zeus said...

Having a good place to sleep is highly important. You're very lucky to have so many delightful places!