Thursday Thirteen #2- Reasons I love being a Frootbat

1. I can hear so much more than other cats.
2. The bigger the ears, the better the ear massage.
3. Sometimes guests are scared of me, that means I can freak them out on purpose.
4. I'm really long. I can stand on my back legs and pluck froot from the Christmas Tree.
5. I'm very skinny so I can walk across the moulding above the doors in our house and fit in tight spaces.
6. Wondering why other cats don't have normal ears? (how do they hear?)
7. Having other frootbats as friends- Luxor, Skeezix, Dragonheart, Cheysuli, Daisey, etc.
8. I have a high metabolism so I can release the stink when someone makes me unhappy.
9. My pointy face means I can fit my snout into small place to extract hidden toys.
10. I'm extra warm so I'm extra snuggly under the covers.
11. Being fast & wiley so I can blame things falling over on the other cats in the house.
12. Shh...I fly at night when no one is watching ;).
13. Sonar...aka....the loud purr. People don't know why I purr so much...its my 6th sense!


Rocky the Gutter Cat said...
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Gemini said...

There's been a rumor that you have that snout 'cause you are nosey--like the Siamese Kaze!

You are all awful smart--do you suppose it's cause you hear so much better?

Sammy and Miles said...

that's a furry good 13 Kaze!

Dragonheart said...

That's a great list Kaze! :) Thanks for including me in your group of friends. :)
#8 and 13 are so true! My humans sometime call me "Stinky kitten" because of 8. *blush*

Junior said...

Great 13!!! Love them!

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh, now I gotta learn how to be a frootbat. Hmmms. How does I makes my ears bigger? Mooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm.....

~~ Sanjee

Lux said...

Do your ears ever seem too sensitive, Kaze? I can't stand to hear high-pitched sounds and I start wailing. That's a great list, and I'm glad you consider me a friend!

Max said...

Hmmmm...I wonder if Buddah hears like that. He has big ears, too!