Nobody loves me

The Lap Lady put the "heavy blanket" on the bed the other day. I haven't liked sleeping under it because it is kind of heavy. Sunday night something happened that I thought never would- I got kicked out of the snuggle room and Latte was allowed to stay! But if you think that is bad, last night I got locked out while both Latte & Chase were in the snuggle room- snuggling together. That's right, I got turned out into the cold by myself!!! I don't know when it became OK to lock me out alone, its just cruel.

My only consolation is the new scratching tower. The Lap Lady got it for me because I'm so tall and the small one just looked pathetic when I scratched on it.


Junior said...

I love you Kaze! You just need to make a bed in one of the holes in the scratching post.

Merlin said...

I love you too, Kaze! That was mean to lock you out. I get locked out by myself a lot, but at least there's no other kitties that get to stay in.

I like your scratching tower! I would like one like that. I'm puttin it on my Christmas list.

Gemini said...

Oh I likes your scrtching tower! That's furry nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how can they lock you out by yourself? That is outrageous!
We love you very much. Our Meowmies says you can come and live with us any time you like. So just let ys know and we will have nice treats ready for you arrival.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

it's cruel an wrong, that's what! ya gotta deprive them of yur affection till they beg ya back. oh, an put the bitey on their stuff.

Anonymous said...

O dear, Kaze! I love you! And I hope this situation you're in resolves itself soon.

Did they at least put a blanket out there for you to snuggle inside?