Chase smells worse than me!

You have to go visit my friends the Texas Trio . They are a great bunch of Meezers and Woodstock is a frootbat too! My niece and nephew spent some time out there with them so I know they are Gremlin approved.

Update on sleeping: I'm starting to accept the sleeping arrangements especially since the Lap Lady makes an extra fuss over me during the evening. Even the Tall Man lets her fuss on me. But we must be let out of the room by 8AM or I start meowing and trying to open the door. Today it was 7:40 that I demanded we be let out. I just hope this stops soon because I miss snuggling with the Lap Lady. At least I have Latte though.

If you all think I smell bad, you should smell Chase. EWWWWW! The Lap Lady cleans the box right after he goes but the whole house smells horrible. She is going to change his food so hopefully he will smell better. She's going to mix it for all of us so I can only hope I'll like it. But I like most foods. Except tomatoes. Yuck. (OK, I'll admit I have a bit of a stinky flatulence problem at the moment too).


Junior said...

What in the world has your Lap lady been feeding you? I hardly ever have stinky problems (at least not that I will admit to).

Kaze said...

We get Innova Evo which seems to be too rich for Chase right now. The Lap Lady is going to start mixing in some Pro Plan. She thinks its just not agreeing with Chase's system. He's ALWAYS had stinky problems if something doesn't agree with him well. Even though he's been eating the Evo for 9 months now.

(The Tall Man hates the stank!)

Merlin said...

I don't have stinky problems either, that is very curious.

I hope you like your new food! I've never had tomatoes, thanks for the warning there. I don't eat much except my kibble, and the wonderful goodness that is Pancho's Cheese Dip. ;)

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

The only stinky problem we have is when COCOA doesn't cover up what he's just left in the litterbox!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Kaze, for whut it's werth, maybe Chase shood switch to a raw food diet (like whut Prairie makes). Sevrul of the Food Lady's frends say it's kyurd thare cats of flatulinse. Depends on how pikky an eeter he is. They tride it on me but I refyoozed becuz (unlike yoo), I am a very very very pikky eeter.

Kitty Cats Corner said...

*Sweetie whispers* Snickers has the same problem. We call her Stinkers when she isnt listening. heehee

Purrs - KCC

PS: Come take a Halloween tour at our place!

Chaotic Cat said...

None of us have that problem in this house so cant help you there.

Hope it gets sorted out soon.