Frisky Time!!!

Its getting cooler outside and you know what that means....time for friskyness! I started the cool weather off by climbing up the Lap Lady. I made myself a permanent fixture on her shoulders while she changed from her riding pants to jeans and even when she went in the people litter box. I must have been up there 10 minutes.

Then Latte and I ran around like a herd of elephants for an hour. We settled in and slept really nicely with meowmy until 6:30 which made her happy.

When she let us back in at 8:09 I was WILD. I climbed up her (and she wasn't wearing a shirt yet so my claws went into her delicate skin) and settled in for a bit. When she forced me down I went right after Latte and we romped around some more. The Tall Man muttered something about wondering why we have so many freaking cats. Luckily the Lap Lady shot him a disapproving glare for that comment.

I love this cool weather! It makes me feel so good!!!

Intruder update: Cherynoble is nowhere to be found as of now. We're all hoping she made her way safely home. They do have extra cans of stinky goodness for her if she comes back.


Catzee said...

Hello Kaze. Thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you for liking me. I like you too. You are my first furrend. I'm working on Rascal. He'll come around. Hee hee.

Cecilia said...

Kaze, here it has also been a little cooler the last few days. And it certainly brings out the friskiness in Bubbles.

Rascal said...

Hey! What is Catzee saying about me?

I wish you would send some of your cool weather down south to here. I love frisky weather too but it's still hot where we live. Your humans should be glad to have such a happy, playful Cat.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Win it gits cold, Rocky sez it's time to bulk up for winter. He eets six or more cans of cat food a day now, and win he walks arownd after dinner, it looks like he's pregnint. But he sez all thoze cans of cat food will turn into blubber wich will keep him warm in winter. I don't think I can make blubber padding like Rocky does. Eeting more Fancy Feest sliced turkey in gravy just makes me poop more. The Food Lady sez I will not be "rubenesque" in this lifetime. Wich I think is a nice way of saying I'll always be a skinny runt. I do think I've been friskier lately. Altho it's hard to tell; I'm always frisky and evrywun else is a dud.

Beau Beau & Angie said...

The cool weather is making us run around too. Did you try jumpin' on the peoples heads too? That is fun.
This wind keep scarin Angie and makin' her jump when the big tent thingy on the deck starts squeeking. Hope that Chernobyl intruder finds her way home like we're hoping Luna finds her way home.

Patches & Mittens said...

Momma can't find the kittens either. She is hoping the people at the cabin took them in. She has been very sad lately, except happy that Precious is fine.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

cooler weather makes extra fluff too. our Lady loves it when we get extra winter fluff. she doesn't seem ta mind it when we climbs an claws her - the red marks heal after a while