Last night the Lap Lady got really worried about me. When I came down to greet her I wasn't purring loudly (and usually I can rattle the house with my purr). Then she went to give me my stinky goodness (with lysinie) and I was trying to meow but all I could do was open my mouth. And when I was eating I was snuffling and having trouble eating and breathing. She picked me up when I was done and I had some green snots on my face and more gunky eyes.

So now she's all upsets about the sniffles and coughing and she called Dr. Ian. She says she's tired of watching me sneeze and cough and while I'm eating and playing normally she wants me to get better. So tomorrow I'm going to the vet. I'm practicing my loud purr now so they can't hear my lungs (I like to see them squirm).

The only good news is I may not get my girlie organs removed on Tuesday if I'm still sick. I don't know why she wants to shave my belly and cut me open. I have a really cute belly and I like it to be scratched.

Oh....I was a "bad girl" last night. I nocked of a little thingie that the people say tells the temperature and weather. Apparently the Lap Lady gave it to the Tall Man when he was in college and it had sent-e-mental value. They were very upset that I broke it. But Latte broke one that was glass and got oil all over the floor (he got in BIG trouble for that one). I felt bad too, I don't like to be yelled at so I wouldn't go near them for a while. Eventually I had to sleep with the Lap Lady so I did go near her. She didn't seem so mad.


Junior said...

Oh my beautiful Kaze! I do hope you get to feeling better soon! And don't worry about your people yelling at you...mine does that sometimes but she still loves me!

The Meezers said...

Kaze, sweetie, we hope you gets better soon! The v-e-t is a hassle, but maybe Dr Ian will give you somefing better. And our mommy yells at us sometimes too, and then right away picks us up and hugs on us 'acuase we gives her the pathetic look.

Derby said...

I broked my mum's therm-o-meter thingy with the oil in it too. Mum was not happy as it made the carpet bumpy.

She was ready to commit catocide on me. Lucky for me I am still here and the carpet bumps are gone too.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

our Lady doesn't like her stuff broke eiffur so she sticks it in place wif sumthing called "erf-quake putty". does you guys haf erf-quake putty there? we haf a big need fur it here in cally-4-nee-ya an we can hook ya up if ya wants.

Kaze said...

hmmmm...here in NJ I have never heard of that cool putty stuff! Sounds like a great idea, do you smarties have a link for it?

Victor Tabbycat said...

Poor fing! It's not fun bein sick. Bonnie tricks the vet, too... when she (the vet) tries to listen to Bonnie's lungs, she (Bonnie) growls an when she (the vet) tries to look at Bonnie's teef, she (Bonnie) hisses. No co-oper-ashun at all :-)