Cone Head

So I'm home. Yup, I let the Lap Lady have it on the way back, I yelled the whole way. I was pretty sore at first but then I forgot all about my surgery and went running and jumping all over the place. The Lap Lady was not happy but Latte started it! What was I supposed to do? Dr. Ian says I have to stay inactive for 10-14 days until my sutures are absorbed. Right...I wonder about these doctors, have they met cats like me before? Surley he knew Latte was good at getting sutures out.

Then I decided to have a nice bath on my shaved belly. Then I discovered my incision and HAD to lick at it. The made the Lap Lady VERY upset. She went running around looking for an ace bandage to wrap my tummy in. She couldn't find a safety pin so she settled on Latte's old e-collar. Joy. Double joy. DO NOT LET ONE OF THESE ON YOUR HEAD!!! I tried backing out of it for 15 minutes. Then I tried the pathetic look on the Lap Lady and the Tall Man. It's stuck!!! To make matteres worse, they put me in my own room, alone. I keept telling the Lap Lady to let me out by banging my cone on the door at 4am. Still didn't work.

Can't slow me down though!


The Meezers said...

Oh Kaze, how horrible that you has to wear a cone. Gramma Trixie hadded one of those when she was sprayed 'acause she ate her stitches - twice in one day. She did somefing really awsome wif it though - she stood up on Mommy in the middle of the night and put her cone right ofurr Mommy's face so that she was an inch from mommy's face and then she howled. She saided it scared mommy so much she almost peed the bed

Junior said...


You still look very purrty to me!


That is so funny what Trixie did. I will have to remember that one incase I ever end up with a cone on my head.

Kaze said...

Wow Trixie is one smart kitty! I'll have to try that tonight!

The Meezers said...

Kaze - TAG!! You can play the book game!!!!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

WHOA! that doesn't look fun AT ALL! please do what Trixie did an report back cause THAT sounds like a good time!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Kaze dear, how embarassing to have your "cone head" picture put out there for the world to see. If it's any consolation, all us girls have gone through the same experience. In a few days, you'll be feeling much better.


Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Yoo know, Kaze, that's a nice look on yoo. Reely aksenchewates yer ears!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Trixie's trick is amazing! I've nefur seen Mom laugh so hard. Memo to self: Ways to annoy beans wif E-cone.
I hope I nefur haf to get sprayed.

Why's Bonnie laffin at me?

Bonnie Underfoot said...

I may haf to sue my vet. I can't belief that's yur spay incision! Mine was HUGE compared to that. That must be why I can't loose the giggly tummy fluff. I'm furry furry upset.

However, I'm gonna keep teesin Victor bout finkin he might sumday get spayed. Muwahahahaha!

Cecilia said...

Oh, the awfull E(vil)-collar! they should be outlawed. Bubbles also had to wear one and he hated it. Good luck with it. You should get plenty of extra treats.