Thursday Thirteen #38

Thirteen of my Recent Finds Around the House

1. Will the LL ever learn that I am NOT going to forget about her feminine thingies even at night when she's tired and doesn't want to walk downstairs to throw them away? They will be in the hall the next morning.

2. Shoe related items. Including but not limited to tissue paper, plastic inserts, and plastic stick thingies. (Chase squeezes in the boxes)

3. Medications. The LL has a trial pack of Singulair and I stole the tin foil pack and put little bitey holes in it. (don't worry, I didn't eat them).

4. Plastic covers from switch plates. Along with paint the humans replaced old outlets and covers which come in fun plastic bags!

5. The usual strips of cardboard from packaging.

6. An old toothpaste tube. (It was metallic!)

7. Receipts. You know, the only ones to Lowe's that the LL really needed to exchange certain items.

8. Tape bits from the taping of the walls. They are sticky but they're fun to bat around too!

9. Bits of old wallpaper border. I didn't really want it but I had the URGE to steal and it was there.

10. A funnel. Yup....a yellow one sitting on a table. Again....just there.

11. Hair things are a staple for me. They're great to bat around.

12. "Other" plastic packaging of undetermined origin. I refuse to drop it even when the LL says "Kaaaazzzeeee!" in that special way that I know I'm doing something she doesn't like. That is my cue to RUN!!!!!

13. Egg shells. Really, they're lots more fun than you would think. Especially when they're found under the bookshelf.

Do you think I need more PLAY TIME????? Um....yeah!!!


Mao said...

Yoo must be waaaaay more aktive than I am. Don't yoo ever nap????

michico 小芥 said...

Wowww, I believe your mommy is very busy this week~!!

Eric and Flynn said...

Yoo haf found loads of exciting fings to play wiv. Eggshells sound inchresting, don't they scrunch when yoo git hold of them?
Only 15 more to go furr yer 20000 visitors. We thawt it would haf gone in the night when we wuz sleeping.

The Furry Kids said...

Those are some great finds! Why don't the people ever appreciate us helping them with that stuff?

Earl Grey

Daisy said...

Kaze, it is all your mom's fault. If she would play with you many, many more hours in the day, then you would not need to make up your own games!

Dragonheart said...

Wow, Kaze, you sure find a lot of cool toys around the house! I like to play with hair thingies too. They are fun to bat around.

It's funny that your LL is jealous - my mom is so jealous of the fact that the LL has a horse!

Tara said...

hehehe...you and Kavan are birds of a feather, although I think you are smarter than he. Yes, the cue to run....

Jimmy Joe said...

Those sound like fun toys, Kaze! Have you ever tried eating a pen while your momma's writing? That's pretty fun, too.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

If yoor mom wood play wif yoo more yoo wood be able to sleep and not find stuff...okay, maybe not but yoo need more play time anyway. We do the same thing...we hear mom say our names in dat "speshul" tone and all three of us will run in different direkshuns.

The Meezers said...

how in the werld did egg shells get under the bookcase?

Henry Helton said...

Those all sound like really cool things. I never find that much stuff around my house.

The Furry Fighter said...

my brother plays with whole raw eggs, he can carry a whole egg in his mouth! :)

Lux said...

You get into even more things than I do, Kaze! But one of my favorites is hair clips, also! And the caps to the contact lens case!

Tiger Lily said...

You sure do know how to make your own fun!