Thursday Thirteen #36

Thirteen Reasons Cats are dissimilar to Horses
(and that's a good thing!)

1. Snap (our horse) weighs about 1,000 lbs. I weigh 8.5 lbs.

2. Horses have hooves. Hooves are hard and they are instead of paws and claws. Actually, the hoof is the "middle finger" of the horse, they used to have 5 "fingers" and now they are just bones in their legs. These hooves can cause horrible pain and even death. Fun! Makes me happy I have paws.

3. Horse VET's come to the farm and that means lots of green papers. Horse VETS carry everything they need in their trucks, its like a mobile VET station. Can you imagine eating your stinky goodness and having a VET come pull you away and stick you with stuff in your own home???

4. Horses have to be on a worming schedule because they are constantly eating worms. Unlike cats who are mostly prone to tapeworms and the like, horses eat so much of their own poo (EW!) that they end up with worms all of the time. I don't know about you but if I had worms constantly....I'd be mighty displeased.

5. Horses don't eat meat, they eat grass, hay, and grain. That means they don't have fangs, they only have mushy teeth but those teeth are BIG, like the size of one of Chase's paws! They have a section of their mouths in the middle that has no teeth, that is where the bit rests when they are being ridden. Um....I'll stick with my pointy teeth and meat thank you very much! Grass? I thought you only ate that to yak or get all nippy.

6. Instead of a furry tail their tail is made up of hair. They have a section called the "dock" which is bone that is about a foot long and the rest of their tail is made of hair. I don't think I'd like hair, you couldn't use it to balance when you're leaping after toys!

7. How about the fact that they let people ride them? That's just insane. Why would you ever let a human tell you what to do from a distance let alone on your back??

8. They are scared of stupid stuff. Like human coats and the Boogie Man and they think everything is out to kill them. Why would anyone want to harm a cat? We're cute, we're fuzzy, and we know it. Sure some cats have to worry but in my house, you can do anything to me because I'm quite certain (95%) that no one will ever hurt me on purpose.

9. Horses walk voluntarily into tight boxes with their own wheels to go places. They call them trailers. I know some cats (Chase) love PTU's but there is no way I'm going nicely into a rolling metal box on wheels where I can't see out and I can move about 1' on either side of me.

10. Horses don't blog. At least I couldn't find a blogging horse when I was looking for my NOMSS. Must be the whole hoof thing getting in the way. Did I mention lots of them have METAL NAILED to their feet???? I wouldn't like not being able to blog, I need my computer time.

11. Horses never go inside. They never feel a nice warm cozy fuzzy bed, or sit under a heating vent, or snuggle with siblings. I would never ever ever survive outside. I hate Out of Doors where Snap LOVES being out in a field.

12. Horses jump inanimate objects for fun. Cats jump UP or OUT for fun or while hunting. Why would you just go jump over a table??

13. And the last reason.....I get to snuggle with my Lap Lady every night while Snap has to live 30 minutes away in a box stall. The whole 30 minutes away thing is starting to kill the LL especially since she can't ride in this weather and Snap is covered in fungus.


Lux said...

Mom's wanted a horse since she was a little girl, but I think she's decided it just might be too much of a responsibility ... plus she'd always be worried about their hooves after reading about Snap!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Mom used to help take care of da horses at da naybors and she sez dey also make a lot more poop den kitties and it hasta be shoveled out...yuk! She milked cows and shoveled der poop too, gosh, mom has spent a lot of time cleaning up poop. Maybe we shood be nicer to her when she doesn't clean out da litter boks immediately after one of us does our bizness.

Penny said...

You're quite right Kaze, horses don't seem to blog - at least, only Snap now and again! Beans blog about their horses, but they don't seem to help their horses to blog. Perhaps they're too busy shovelling poo and administering anti-worm meds, not to mention actually riding:) How your LL gets time for all this and to go out to work as well beats me. I've got food intolerances too, so give her my sympathy and bear with her until she gets used to the new dietary regime...

Cheysuli said...

I think Snap should become the first blogging horse!

At any rate, cats also don't get covered in fungus.

BTW, our thoroughbred friend, Max who seems to act a lot like Snap had a major leg injury a couple of weeks ago. He slipped at a clinic and got a large section of skin cut and hanging down. It was a VERY scary three days for his owner and then a scary couple of weeks. He is doing well now, but he keeps her on her toes by having an off day just when she thinks things are going well.

No tendons were injured.

The Meezers said...

i'm glad i'm a kitty. i like my paws and tail and not hafing the v-e-t come to my house.

Daisy said...

Those are some interesting things. I been thinking and thinking about it, and I decided I would not want to be a horse. Even though I wish I could weigh 1,000 pounds. I would hate to eat my poop, and it would not be fun to live in a stall instead of Inside. But probably if I ate my poops, I would not be allowed to live inside either.

Caesar and Princess said...

We think horsies are pretty cool.
You are lucky to know one personally.

Skeezix the Cat said...

Snap is coverd in FUNGUS???? YUKK YUKK and MAYJER YUKK!!!! Poor Snap. Too bad she's not a cat.

Jimmy Joe said...

Horses can hurt people, too, even though they don't mean to sometimes. Momma says gettin' kicked by a horse or fallin' off of one is way worse than any bitey a kitty has ever given her. She says the thought of horses with fangs is terrifying, so it's a good thing they just eat grass.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

HRH Yao-Lin said...

well I kind of feel sorry for snap you know. I am sorry she is covered in fungus and I am doubly sorry that she has hooves. I think they must be awful. I am sorry horses have worms all of the time too. I think cats are better. x

Forty Paws said...

Snap is covered in fungus? Yuck! Maw uzed ta haf a quarter horse wen she lived in Oma-haw.

We like being cats. At least we think we do.

Luf, Us

The Meezer Gang said...

Your mom must really love horses, because they do seem like a lot of work!

The Furry Fighter said...

my meowmie coud never have a horse - or a an outdoor cat for that matter - she has the biggest phobia of worms in the world ever. she can't even look at a pictue of one. how pathetic is that?

my meowmie said another difference is that she has eaten horse meat but not cat meat!!!! this happened in france apparently...the same place where she ate snails and frgod legs.

The Furry Fighter said...

PS - she ate the horse meat by accident, she thought it was bef. the frogs legs and snails she ate through choice...just so you know!

Chairman Mao said...

Oopsie, I wasn't thinkin' and hit your Mr. Linky button and it put my momma's bloggie in your Mr. Linky thingie!

I learned a lot about horsies readin' yur list -- I don't think I'd like bein' a horse furry much. I think it would be a lot harder for a horse to spaz around and kill coffee stirrers!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Anonymous said...

Now that is very interesting that there doesn't seem to be a single horse out there blogging! Hmmm!

Now that's food for thought. :)

Hugs from the Ballicus Mom (Mom to Chairman Mao, Marilyn, Dorydoo, and Brainball)

Henry Helton said...

1,0000 pounds!?!?! Holy crap, that is a lot. I just wish I could get up to 20.

Junior said...

Meowm reallly likes horses......but I am glad I am a cat!

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

I'm convinced. Being a cat is better.

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Poor Snap! Will he get meds for the fungus? I hope because it must make him feel icky!
I love the Black Beauty story, it is and will always be my favorite book evfurrrrr!
I also look ed for a horse to be my NOMSS pal.....no luck! BUT NOW I HAVE A DOG NAMED JACKSON...he is much better than a horse...come and see what I wrote about him today!
Thanks for the visit Kaze...you are so pretty with your Tiffany blue eyes:)
Love Miss Peach

Tink said...

Horse? What's that? I think i love cats more...
I took over Mommy Tink's blog yesterday to introduce myself with 13 pictures. Wanna meet me?
Love, Maia

Dragonheart said...

I'm very glad I'm a cat too, although my mom has alwasy wanted a horse. She's taken riding lessons most of her life, but has never owned a horse.

How strange that there aren't any blogging horses! The horseshoes must get in the way.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Fungus? Ew. Another advantage right there: Cats don't get fungus. And compare simple claw trims to hiring the farrier! Cleaning the litterbox versus cleaning a stall!
Snap can't guard your house from intruders like Chase can.
Oh, I just thought of the worst thing of all about being a horse!