Thursday Thirteen #31

Thirteen Ways I'm currently annoying the Lap Lady (Not that I cold ever really have her mad at me but its hot out and she's cranky because the Internet is down at work which means she might not be able to help us get around to our friends tomorrow! So my question tomorrow might have to be after work if her Internet is still down. Stupid Comcast. Its NOT Comcastic!)

1. She helped me type out a whole T13 and then I clicked on the thing that "Navigates Away without Saving" so she yelled at me. Purring did not seem to help.
2. I hear the lid of my toothpaste click and I run fast and far.
3. I just coughed on the keyboard.
4. My eye gunkies are a constant chore for her and I hate them being cleaned out.
5. I need my claws clipped but I won't let her do it alone.
6. I helped the LL crop some pictures in a non flattering manner by again, clicking when I wasn't supposed to.
7. I almost knocked the ginormous TV over when I ran head first into the TV cabinet. I know purrs wouldn't have solved that one.
8. I'm a Latte magnet when I'm in her lap and when he comes over he always sits down in strange spots that make it difficult for her to type.
9. She's desperately searching for fun yet difficult questions about me for my contest. She say I'm really predictable and I'm an open book.
10. She made and ordered our free photo book from Shutterfly before coming home so she forgot about some awesome pictures she just took of me. This is NOT my fault. I should not even have to purr to get out of this one.
11. I like to rest my head on her hand while she's typing. What's wrong with that? I can't help it if she has to lift a few extra ounces on her wrist.
12. Apparently my paws are inbetween the computer and her lap so that means they're in a strange spot and if I move wrong I could pull the fabric on her skirt and ruin it.
13. I don't let her do anything on the computer other than help me blog. Again, if she would just accept that the computer is OURS and not hers than we wouldn't have a problem.


Tara said...

You do a good job at helping your mom blog! Hogging the computer is a good idea!

The Meezer Gang said...

All of those things you do sound perfectly reasonable to me!!!

Dragonheart said...

Humans don't always appreciate our help, for some reason. Of course the computer is yours, how could it be otherwise?

Daisy said...

Oops, navigating away before saving could be a little mistake. I have one watery eye that needs to be cleaned out. I usually just sit there while my Mommie does it, but then I try to EAT anything that comes off my eye (or my nose). This makes my Mommie scream "Yeck!!!"

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Effurything in da howse, inclooding da beans, belongs to da kitties! Why do dey not get dis? Mom sings a stoopid song when Sadie has "eye boogers" then she cleans dem out and Sadie runs behind da couch. It's a fun game.

Skeezix the Cat said...

The Food Lady and Mr TF love thoze commershuls that feecher the Slowskis becuz it seems that the Slowskis wood LOVE Comcast's krappy serviss. Winever the wether gits hot, we looze owr Comcast innernet connekshun and it stays owt for a cuppul of days and nobuddy at Comcast seems to know whut's going on.

The Meezers said...

you is a huge help to your mommy. I ushually just lay wif my head across the keyboard of mommy's laptop. i helps her alot. -Miles

The Meezers said...

you is a huge help to your mommy. I ushually just lay wif my head across the keyboard of mommy's laptop. i helps her alot. -Miles

Forty Paws said...

Yeah, Obi, Smokey, Reno and Sally hate having the eye gunkies cleaned out of their eyes too. Obi's HAS to be done daily. The other 3 when they can be caught. It might not be a good idea to knock over the TV. That might upset the beans A LOT.

When your new neighbors move in, stare out the window and give them the heebie jeebies.

Luf, Us

INAMINI said...

Yoo an mee are a bit alike... Wunnerful T13!