Mopey Monday

Sigh....why do Mondays always come and the Lap Lady has to go away? I mean, she wasn't even around much this weekend. She started by "decorating" which is kind of cool 'cause there is stuff to sniff and explore but then on Saturday morning she cleaned the whole house! All by herself. It was not fun because usually the death monster (they call it a vacuum) doesn't attack her, it usually goes after the Tall Man. For some reason it attacked the LL AND the couch!! She sucked at all of the meezer-tufets and got all of our fur off of them. It took a long time and then she went out to a party so I didn't get any time to relax, I had to constantly hide.

See my eye goopy? I get those ALL of the time and the LL is always fishing around to get them out and I hate it. I really really hate having my eye invaded while she's searching for the goopy. Sometimes she uses a cotton ball or tissue but usually she tries to grab it when its right on the edge of my eye with just her finger. I really don't like this method of grooming. I get eye goopies all of the time so I get attacked all of the time.

I hope the rest of the week is better!!!

Hi everyone, this is Snap here again. If Kaze thinks she's mopey try having random drunken humans jump on your back and ride you around bareback in the dark. Actually I did kind of enjoy it because I played tag with our Auntie E while the Servant was on my back. Anyway, the reason I'm showing up is because today I'm having HUGE needles injected into my hocks (those backwards knee things you felines have too) so that they will move easier. This is pretty common but I've never had it done before so I would appreciate a few purrs for luck.



DK & The Fluffies said...

Find a little sunshine in a squiggle!

Caesar and Princess said...

I get those eye goops too. so annoying. Shake your head really hard and fling it onto the wall!

Now, I really like that blankie you are on. It is quilty. Really pretty!

happy day.

Dragonheart said...

Kaze, I sympathize about the eye goopies. I get them too, and I get a lot of them since I have no eyelashes or eyebrow whiskers to protect my eyes. I hate getting my eyes cleaned.

Snap, I hope all goes well. I will send lots of purrs your way.

The Meezers said...

Kaze, we has eye goopies all the time too. we hates the fisihing for them too.

Snap, we is sending big purrrrrrrrrrrssssssssss to you - good luck wif your shots!

Cheysuli said...

Purrs to you Snap!

I don't get goopy stuff in my eye and I certainly wouldn't let the human go digging if I did. You are far too nice Kaze!

Daisy said...

Kaze, I get eye boogies too because I have one watery eye. My Mommie picks them out all the time, and I don't like it much either. Except I try to EAT them!

Good luck Snap, I am purring for you!

Skeezix the Cat said...

The Food Lady is always stikkin her finger in my eyes to git the goobers owt. I HATE IT!!!!!

The Furry Kids said...

We all get goobery eyes, too, and Momma tries to dig them out with her fingernail. It stinks.

Good luck, Snap. We're thinking and purraying for you.

Tyler said...

My big sis Kali gets those goopy goops. Momma starts off by stritching right betwee her eyes cuz she loves to have her faced scritched and then she sneaks in for the goops and gets em with her fingers.

Snap, I hope it goes well. It doesn't sound very fun.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Purring for Snap (who's Snap???)...

Mommy is always trying to clean out my eye goopies, so I totally feel for you. I try and hide when I discover that's what she's after, but usually by that time, it's too late.


Lux said...

That's such a pretty picture of you, Kaze, although you do look a little bit pensive - I hope the week gets better for you.

Derby said...

Purrs for Snap, hope you get to feeling better.

Junior said...

I get eye goopies too and Meowm i always get after them....I hate it!!!!! I also hate when Meowm has to go back to work on Mondays!!!

Snap....why are those silly drunken people jumping on your back when you are having hoof trouble? I just don't understand humans! Sending you lots of purrs for your needle poking to do the job and make your legs, jocks, hooves feel better!