Thursday Thirteen #29

Thursday Thirteen Scavenger Hunt

So the Lap Lady made something for one of our blogging friends but before she made the one she put in the mail, she made its dark evil twin- the one she “messed up on”. Now this item is completely functional and useful and I certainly would still love it- its just kind of ugly. Like, not something you’d display in public. Because I do still love the fabric I told her to give it to me and I’d find a good use for it. So I’ve decided to do a scavenger hunt on my blog and the winner will get the item! All I can say is it is soft and you’ve seen it on my blog before….hehe.

********Update! Well I should have known my boyfriend cat Mao would know all of the answers. But its still fun if you all keep playing. You can just put answers to ones you know in the comments field! Whoever else gets the most answers right I'll send them a little care package too!! Guesses must be in by midnight eastern time tonight.***********

Here goes….

  1. When is my birthday?
  2. What is my favorite thing in the world to do?
  3. Where do I sleep most nights (be specific)?
  4. What do I get mixed in my stinky goodness? And why?
  5. Who has taken care of me when the Lap Lady and Tall Man go away? (Hint…there are 2 people).
  6. When did I first start Frootbat Friday? (date)
  7. What is my favorite place to find a toy that is not supposed to be a toy?
  8. When its cold outside where do I like to get warm during the day?
  9. Do I like Temptations?
  10. Who won my 4,000th visitor contest?
  11. What are the words used to describe my belly? (The Tall Man coined the term.)
  12. Name one thing that makes me purr.
  13. Name one blogging cat who looks exactly like me!

Good luck!


One-Eyed Jack said...

My OTW doesn't like cold either. We all just stay in all winter and make the Big One go out and do all the hunting. He's part polar bear, so he likes the cold.

We'll try your scavenger hunt later. I hope.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Mooom, where are yoo going? Ugh, we'll be back later, apparently, to do this....mom, the barf can wate, reely....

Daisy said...

Oh, I am not as smart as I thought! Well, I know your favorite thing in the world to do is PLAY! And they call your belly a front butt (even though I think it is very cute). I think your Lap Lady makes you purr. And your twin is Kaia!

Dragonheart said...

Well, I know some of the answers, but sadly don't have time to look for the ones I don't know, since I don't have much time on the computer right now. I know you get L-Lysine in your stinky goodness because of feline herpes, playing is your favourite thing to do, you like getting toys out of the garbage, and your belly is called a front butt. The others I'm either not sure of or would have to look up.

Fun idea, Kaze! :) If you don't mind, I may steal it for a future Thursday Thirteen or contest!

The Meezer Gang said...

This is definately the coolest idea ever!!! Great thinking Kaze!
I will try some of the answers, though, ashamedly, I do not know you as well as I thought:
1. New Years Day! Or thereabouts...
2. Play with Da Bird or Sparkle Balls
3. RIGHT next to Lap Lady!!!
4. L Lystine stuff for your cough
5. Grandma & ?
6. Last December. Or thereabouts...
7. The Garbage?????
8. In the window in the sunshine is my guess.
9. YES!!!
10. Not a clue...
11. Front Butt.
12. Getting your belly rubbed!
13. ME! Kaia...


lordjaders said...

I only know the answerrr to # 13 and its because I am furrrends with his big brrrotherrr HRH Yao-Lin. You look like Baby Mao.

I am still getting to know everrry one.

Purrrs to You,


Skeezix the Cat said...

My big bruther Mao thretend to beet me up if I plade the game, but I know almost all of the ansers. Mao's bin in a bad mood ever sinse he got it in his hed that his 4th of July owtfit made his butt look fat, but yer game reely took his mind off it!!!