Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Reasons I wish I was going to Florida instead of the LL & TM

1. Lots of my friends live there and I'd love to snuggle and play with all of them.
2. Lizards, I hear they are really fun to play with!
3. Screened in porches sound heavenly. I really wish I could hang out inside but be Out of Doors at the same time.
4. I would like to fly somewhere, I've never been on an airplane before.
5. My grandpaw Meezer lives there. His name is KoKo and he gets LOTS of stinky goodness (he weighs 16 lbs!).
6. I would like to climb a palm tree, they are even taller than the Tall Man!
7. HUGE litterbox called "the beach". I hear you can go as much as you want and it never needs to be cleaned!
8. Shopping. My greatgrandma likes to go shopping and buy lots of stuff that isn't really necessary. I like stuff I don't need.
9. The grass down there is harder than our grass and I think I might like to nibble on it.
10. Beautiful flowers even in the winter. I love to sniff flowers and I hear they bloom all year round!
11. Warm weather!! I'm fricking freezing up in the winter!
12. The animal sanctuary down the street from greatgrandma's house. It is home to lots of birds!
13. Golf courses are everywhere in those gated communities. I think I might be really good at golf, I'm great at playing with sparkle balls!

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I want to thank all of the very many very handsome Man Cats who told me they would be my Valentine! I was shocked to find out so many of you would actually like a frootie girl like me, really I didn't think with the big ears and rat-like muzzle I would be attractive to you Man Cats. I was especially shocked to hear that Mao (a long time crush of mine) said he might like me. I was having such a hard time deciding on who to write my Valentine to so I've decided to make a Valentine for all of you wonderful cats then I'll decide which one I want to officially enter in Skeezix's contest. That way you can all be my Valentines because I could never choose, you're all just so wonderful! Just so I'm certain I have Mao, Junior, Pepi, & the men at 40 Paws? If I left you out, please let me know! I'm such a lucky girl!


Daisy said...

Kaze, you know a lot about Florida! It is too bad you aren't coming here, we could have FUN together.

Palm trees are very tall, but they are pretty hard to climb because they don't have any branches except way on top. I hope LL and TM get to see lots of lizards when they are down here. That would make their trip worthwhile!

Pixie said...

Look, I have an account too now! I would like to see a picture of KoKo.

Dragonheart said...

Florida sounds very cool! I think I'd like to visit there too! #1, 3, 7 and 13 sound like great reasons to visit.

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better about Valentine's Day. You are such a lovely cat! As soon as I'm old enough, I would be honoured to be your Valentine.

Junior said...

Florida sounds like a great place! Maybe we can travel there together one day!

Kukka-Maria said...

Florida...I once shot a movie on location in Florida.

Wait. No. It was in our bathtub.

Same thing.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

aaaw, I told you you had lotsa admirers! Frootbats are darling kitties!
I wish we were in Florida so the windows could always be open. I like your idea of the screened in porch. I stay inside so this could keep me inside - outside!

The Meezers said...

i don't know if you would like to be on a airplane - mommy says that the don't let kitties haf seats, taht kitties are konsidered luggage. how rude.

Kimo & Sabi said...

Floreeda sounds good to us too! Our Grandpakitty lives in West Palm Beach!

Daphne said...

Florida sounds like fun to me!
I 'gree with you - it's frickin' freezin' this winter!

Oh, did you happen to find a date for Valentine's Day? 'Cuz I just happen to know of an eligible shop kitty who might be a big tough guy but he's too shy to ask you out...
Let me know, 'kay?
Meow for now,

Purrchance To Dream

Anni said...

Florida sounds wonderful for kitties! I hope you get to go see your g'pa, Koko.

I'm up. come play!

Forty Paws said...

Wow! Dat's a great list. Floryda sounds gud. It's frickin snowin here today an dis ist Dallas!

An we Man Cats here at da Forty Paws ist so bery bery honored to be gettin a balentine frum u!!! We must git to werk on balentines!! Uh, wat's a balentine?
Luf, Us

Anonymous said...

we duzzn't see how they could enjoy Florida wifout you. bet they spend efurry moment wishin' you wuz there an thinkin' 'bout you. (like they should)

Daisy said...

Oh Kaze, did you see Mao's post today?