I could be a prize fighter! & Valentine's Presents

It is a well known fact that while I'm lean- I'm pretty tough. I take on Chase all of the time even though he's twice as big as I am; I'm never scared because I've got "mad skills". As I was running around on Friday night, I decided to try a special new move I had been working on. It involved jumping over the couch, landing on the back of the couch and then leaping over the coffee table. Well, something happend that I didn't expect and instead of showing off my acrobatics, I proved I'm a fierce fighter.

As I attempted my new move I was flying through the air when I realized.....oh crap!!!!

The Lap Lady was sitting in my way on the computer. I couldn't stop so I hit her square in the nose, pushed off with my feet, and finished my trick by flying over the coffee table landing exactly where I should. She was litteraly in sock & awe of my actions. While she grabbed at her nose wondering if it is possible to properly explain how you get a broken nose from your cat, I ran upstairs with the Tall Man yelling after me. I hid for a while because while I'm good at striking the first blow, I didn't really want to engage in a lot of rounds.

Don't worry, the Lap Lady is perfectly fine, just a few light scratches on her lip. I'm fine too, I'm just figuring out how I can use my new skills!

In other news, my dear sweet Junior sent us all the most wonderful Valentines that he made himself. He made one for me, Latte, & Chase. The boys (acting all tough) said it was cool that other man cats could send man cats valentine's as friends. I just loved mine! Junior also sent me these cool mice and toys that crinkle with fev-vers! Usually I wouldn't show Latte enjoying my stuff but he's been really nosy so I let him enjoy the stuff and I played with it later.


Daisy said...

Wow, Kaze, you could be a prize fighter! I was thinking, maybe we should form a gang. I saw on Skeezix's page today, that when you are in a gang, you get to do lots of singing and dancing to show tunes, just like the Jets and the Sharks! That looks fun.

Those Valentines you got from Junior are so sweet!

ps: *whispers* I think you got a little bit of styrofoam in yer furs

Maobert Nichols said...

Kaze, yer a regyuler KamiKaze fighter! That's kinda neet, but I hope yoo won't try to beet me up. I git enuf of that frum my wite rat.

And hey, bak off, Joonyer!

Tara said...

Wow, I am very impressed! I could use a move like that! Every so often, I jump on a couch and chair chasing a feather or mouse on a string, and sort of miss! But you were able to recover in mid-air, cool!

Great valentines too!


DEBRA said...

Oh Kaze I coodn't helps it...when yu said yu smacked yur Momma in da face I giggled. Whoa what a move yu put on yur Momma. We is glads she is OK and yu is OK...but dat hadda to be some kinda fierce ninjacat move. WOW!


Gemini said...

Oh Kaze, I would be in so much trouble if I did what you did!

However, those are cool Valentine's from Junior.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Keep on practicing. If there's another Catolympics, you can enter the kicking competition.

Junior said...


I am glad you all enjoyed the Valentines. I know your heart belongs to mao, but you have all been very special friends, so I wanted to send you all something special.

Meowm says that She Who Came Before Me did something like that to her one time. She Who Came Before Me was jumping out of the window in the bedroom (right above the bed) and she landed on Meowms face. She scratched her up purrty bad....Meowm has a scar on her eyelid to this day.


No need to worry dude! She's your lady and she's my friend.

Tara said...

I want to be part of your gang! I told Daisy that with working on my MzD and all, I need a wild outlet, and I have a great wild side! I know I'm a little young, and Kimo and Latte might not approve, but, girls gotta have fun TOO!.....Tara

Plus we could come up with a cool name...

Dragonheart said...

Wow Kaze, it sounds like you are very talented! Very cool!

Very nice Valentine's Day gifts too! :) You are very lucky. :)

Forty Paws said...

Holy cow!! That sounds very impressive!! Keep practicing that move Kaze!!

We like your Valentine presents that you received also.

Luf, Us

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Oh jeez!!! I laughed out loud at my desk reading that description!!

From Icon's Mom

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

whoa. yur Lap Lady should start wearin' a helmet wif sum non-brake plastick offur the face.