Kaze Coughing

Sometimes my herpes flares up and I have little coughing fits. They are usually brought on by me purring or talking. I take l-lysine with my stinky goodness and that helps.


Luna said...

oh poor little kitty! Are you fine now I hope that!
A hug for you from Spain

INAMINI said...

Maybe that's wut I haf! Excepting my "weezing ataks" last longer. My Mom always thot that I haf azma, but I hpe she duzn't take me to the V-E-T tu find owt fur shure.

Junior said...

That is terrible! Meowm almost couldn't stand to watch it! We hope the medicine helps you!

Lux said...

Was that Latte trying to help you? That was sweet ...

The Meezer Gang said...

why do you cough like this? i do this from time to time.
please write back!