My favorite thing to do...Play with the wand toy.

Skeezix posted in his Thursday Thirteen about these incredible wand toys. He sent them to Latte for his birthday and they generally became mine. I stand for hours outside the closet where they live and scream for them. And I'm not exagurating, I do this all of the time.

The first one is like grass with some ribbons. I killed this one. I mean, its done, dead, its a small poof ball with some very beat up ribbons on it. This is a picture of when it was new. You can also see Latte in the background waiting his turn. I don't do turns. He's getting better about TAKING a turn.

The second one is a boa and Latte likes that one a whole lot. Unfortunately for him, since my grass one is dead I now like the boa. He gets much more into playing with it so he does force a turn quite often and the Lap Lady is always trying to include him. No matter, I fly much better than he does so I get most of the turns anyway.


The Meezers said...

wand toys are the BESTEST - expshully wif FEV-VERS!!!!!!!!!! - Sammy

Anonymous said...

Just testing you stupid freaking attack kitten!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

whoa - Chase! is that enny way ta talk ta yur sisfur? duzzn't she share the toys wif you eiffur?

Anonymous said...

Kewl toys, adn reely kewl-luking room-mate!