Yesterday I was just hanging around the Lap Lady (which I'm always doing). She went into the room where the people's litterbox is and I decided to go along. Sometimes there is a nice spring to drink from in that big "tub" box. I was thirsty so I leapt right in as usual. BAD move!! It was spraying water in there. I got trapped and it was so slippery I couldn't get out. I finally flung myself through the curtain and stood there sopping wet on the floor. You know what the Lap Lady did?? She LAUGHED at me!!!

I was very upset and very worried about how long it would take me to clean all of the wet stuff off when the Lap Lady scooped me up in a towel. It was nice and dry and warm and she was petting me with it so I started to purr. She got all of the water off and I felt much better.

Learn from my mistake, do NOT go into the shower thingy!!


Gemini said...

Oh Momma said she had a cat that did that. She laughed at him too. I don't like the whole shower thingy. Georgia is confident enough to step just on the edges and drink but she doesn't fall in.

Junior said...

I am so soryy the Lap Lady laughed at you! but thank goodness she came to a bit of a rescue with a towel.

I don't get in that tub thingy! I am very curious...but I stay on the edge!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

if ya wait till there's no more water, you can go in an sit in the puddles an stare down the drain. it's fun an I highly recommend it.

Derby said...

I make sure mum is done with the shower befor I jump in. Then I just lick up some of the water.