As all kitties know, routines are very important to us cats. We also know that if a human dares deviate from our predetermined schedule, there will be sufficient punishment for the crime. Our kitty family is a tight knit group and we opperate as a well oiled machine. We are always ready to punish the humans when there has been an injustice on the others behalf.

Here is our morning schedule.
After a night of being kicked out in the wee hours of the morning (sometime before 5am) Latte & I are waiting patiently at the door for the Lap Lady. Some days she comes out at 7:25 and pets us while she puts her sneakers on. She comes back at 7:45 and goes back into the snuggle room.

8:09 the door is opened so Latte & I can go romp on the Tall Man who is still in bed. Then we enter her closet and sniff at all of the shoes.

8:12 she heads to the human litter box room. (Side note: The Lap Lady takes a shower at night, I wouldn't want you to think she's dirty.) The three of us burst in with her to let her know we're STARVING to death. The other two leave but its my job to merrow at her until she's done painting her face and then she heads downstairs. Latte runs ahead to the bottom landing and rolls on his back. No idea why....

8:20 the Lap Lady heads to the cold box to get the stinky goodness. At this point I start merrowing very loud and I don't stop. She then opens the pill and splits it in half (my lysine) and mixes it with the stinky goodness. Latte is on the counter at this point trying to steal MY stinky goodness. Then she shoes him off and gives it to me. Latte gets to lick the spoon.

**Here is deviation #1....since it was the end of the can, Latte got to lick the inside and she gave the spoon (normally Latte's treat) to Chase. Of course he liked it, who wouldn't like Thanksgiving Dinner?**

8:24 I'm done and Latte licks the end of the bowl. While I was eating the crunchies were filled and the water refilled. Then the Lap Lady washes the bowl.

8:26 I RUN to the living room because it is lap time. She always sits down with me while waiting for the Tall Man and I like to just sit there and purrrr.

**Here is deviation #2...It is recycling day so the Lap Lady didn't sit down with me, she took the newspapers outside. BIG mistake.**

8:28 We all start to hear...HURKA....HURKA....HURKA. We all know this to be Chase since he's always the one with hair balls. The Lap Lady runs over to him (he's on the rug) and "helps him" into the kitchen.

Hahahaha! Hahahah!!! Oh...my incision is hurting from laughing so hard. Serves her right for not giving me my lap time!! It was extra nasty too because of the stinky goodness.

When will the humans learn??


The Meezers said...

stinky goodness hairball scarf and barf. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Cecilia said...

LOL, I love the "hurka" sound. It is exactly what it sounds like.

Patches & Mittens said...

Mittens says that Momma always picks her up and puts her on the hardwood floor when she pukes. I find this rather disturbing.


Beau Beau & Angie said...

Bwhahahaha! Love the HURKA noise. We all makes different noises when we hurks up whatefur it is but that am a funny noise.
One of Moms cats from afore used to cry like a baby ferst then hurka hurka.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

what's yur momma do fur 20 minutes when she's just wearin her tennis shoes? or shouldn't we ask?

Rascal said...

Very good routine, especially the eating and lap parts.

Kaze said...

She goes to the gym place for 20 minutes and wastes time lifting weights.